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Integral Financial Solutions (IFS) is an independent advisory firm that provides financial planning and investment management services to individuals and small institutions.

Our mission is to establish long term relationships with our clients in which we manage their investment portfolios in a prudent and disciplined manner – one that makes sense in the context of their big picture.

Ongoing financial planning goes hand in hand with a prudently managed investment portfolio. An objective financial planner can help a client prioritize what can be difficult and, at times emotional decisions. We help each client to:

• Set realistic financial and personal goals
• Assess current financial health by examining assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan
• Put the plan into action and monitor its progress
• Stay on track to meet changing goals, personal circumstances, markets and tax laws

As “fee-only” advisers, we do not collect external commissions or other forms of payment on investment recommendations.

We are also held to a fiduciary standard. In other words, we work solely in the interest of our clients, rather than banks, insurance companies and/or brokerage houses. For more information on the fiduciary standard and important factors to consider when choosing an advisor, please click HERE.

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